New Eaquals Accredited Member: Cooperativa Sociale Pier Giorgio Frassati

New Eaquals Member Cooperativa Sociale Pier Griorgio Frassati

New Eaquals Accredited Member:

Cooperativa Sociale Pier Giorgio Frassati


We are delighted to announce that Cooperativa Sociale Pier Giorgio Frassati School has obtained the Eaquals badge of quality.  The school is a private Italian school offering full-time primary and lower secondary education. It is run by Cooperativa Sociale Pier Giorgio Frassati, a non-profit co-operative and is government accredited.


Lessons with children at Pier Giorgio FrassatiThe school was established in Seveso, near Milan, Italy, in 1984 by a group of parents. The School prides itself in offering a personalized service and caters for the individual needs of its students. Through their carefully designed programmes, teachers at Cooperativa Sociale Pier Giorgio Frassati, are able to guide children to discover, learn and understand their talents and enhance their skills.


The English language was always given a high priority in the school curriculum since its foundation. They offerLessons at Pier Giorgio Frassati

general English courses from A0 to B1 and Cambridge English exam preparation (Starters, Key for Schools, Pet for Schools), as part of a wider curriculum for Primary and Lower Secondary School, in compliance with the requirements of the Italian Ministry of Education. Learning is extended beyond the classroom and students are given the opportunity to use their creativity through projects and tasks linked to local events.


Close cooperation and open communication between primary and secondary staff and between school and families has been a distinctive feature of their educational approach. When asked why they decided to opt for an Eaquals Accreditation, the Frassati English department said that the search for quality has been a driving force of their work for many years. They saw Eaquals as an opportunity to engage in a process of life-long learning with both the organisation and other schools committed to excellence.’


English Department Pier Giorgio Frassati

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