ETS Introduces TOEFL Go®! app, the Ultimate TOEFL iBT® Test Prep Tool



ETS Introduces TOEFL Go®! app, the Ultimate TOEFL iBT® Test Prep Tool



Eaquals Associate Members ETS have introduced the TOEFL Go! app, as part of their commitment to improve the TOEFL iBT test experience. ETS launched the digital practice tool in conjunction with the first administrations of the enhanced TOEFL iBT test on July 26th, 2023. Test takers can now prepare for the enhanced TOEFL iBT test on the go and for free with the new app, which is available on both mobile and desktop devices and brings a range of features designed to optimize the TOEFL iBT preparation experience.



Test takers can access four comprehensive TOEFL iBT sections, Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing, all accompanied by targeted feedback and coaching. The TOEFL Go! app also utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to provide scoring aligned with the TOEFL iBT test’s established rubrics, offering an automated evaluation of one’s skills.


TOEFL Go! is the newest among a variety of free and paid test prep resources offered by ETS. One of the app’s standout features is its focus on enhancing Speaking and Writing proficiency. It offers personalized coaching and tips tailored to these sections, providing test takers with the tools they need to excel. Resources also include high-level sample responses for Speaking and Writing with opportunities for comparison and reflection. Test takers can also access dozens of sample questions for the new Writing for an Academic Discussion task.


Test takers can access TOEFL Go! if they have an existing TOEFL registration username and password. Alternatively, users can create a free TOEFL registration account to get started using the app.


“TOEFL Go! will help global learners get one step closer toward achieving their educational and professional goals,” summarizes Rohit Sharma, SVP of Global Higher Education and Workskills, ETS.


The app can be accessed at