New Eaquals Accredited Member: English Domain

New Eaquals Accredited member - English Domain Malta

New Eaquals Accredited Member: English Domain


Centrally located on the Maltese Islands, in a town called Mosta, is English Domain, the newest member of the Eaquals family.  English Domain is part of Domain Group and works in collaboration with Domain Academy which is an institution of further and higher education.


The English language school caters for General English as a Foreign Language as well as various English courses in a professional context such as Business English, Technical English, English for lawyers, English for the Oil and Gas Industry, Aviation English, English for the medical profession and English for Executives. Tailormade programmes for young learners are also available throughout the year. In addition to this, various evening courses are also organised catering for different industry sectors, apart from regular workshops for foreigners living and working in Malta. A highly immersive short course is available for those who want to learn English in a brief period – this course is organised on a one-to-one basis and customised for the individual concerned.


The pedagogical approach and methods used by English Domain are in line with the school’s educational philosophy, which emphasises communicative language teaching and student-centred learning, prioritising student engagement and active learning. This involves techniques such as collaborative learning, task-based learning, and mediation (life skills) to develop students’ communicative competence.


Amanda Vassallo, the Director of Studies at English Domain, said that “having an accreditation with Eaquals is conducive towards sustaining the unique dynamics of the school in that foreign students are not only here to improve their level of English and enjoy Malta, but actively seeking to enhance their English language skills to further their education and career.”



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