Eaquals Member Event Fund 2024


Eaquals Member Event Fund

Claim your part of €10,000


Now entering into the eigthth year, the Eaquals Member Event Fund continues to support professional events organised by our members for 2024.


Submit your application to info@eaquals.org by 18th December 2023.



Eaquals Member Event Fund: Regional & Local Events


Aims of the scheme:

The Eaquals Member Event Fund is to promote Eaquals’ profile, services and activities in regional and local contexts and specifically:


  • to provide regular professional development (PD) opportunities beyond the annual Eaquals meetings and conferences
  • to encourage more language teaching professionals to attend events with Eaquals representation by providing more affordable and more frequent PD options
  • to create and/or enhance Eaquals networks at national and regional levels
  • to enrich the exchange of professional ideas, research and projects that would be of mutual benefit to members and to Eaquals
  • to raise Eaquals’ profile in cross-sectional areas (e.g. state and private sectors, publishers etc.)


What kind of events are eligible? 

Events should be initiated and organised by Eaquals members and can include the following:

  • conferences
  • seminars and workshops
  • short training courses


What funding will Eaquals provide?

The Eaquals Board has agreed to allocate a total of EUR10,000 in 2024 to support the Member Event Fund. Organisers can apply for a maximum of EUR1,000 per event. Funding may be used for sponsorship; the cost of sending an Eaquals trainer/speaker etc.



How to apply:

(please ensure you have provided all information requested below in order for your application to be considered for funding)

Eaquals members wishing to apply for funding need to provide the following:

  • a clear statement of the aims of the proposed event and how it relates to the aims above
  • a detailed description of the scope and nature of the event: event date, event organisers, event type, length, duration, venue, intended audience, expected audience number, expected outcomes
  • a detailed outline of the costs involved for the event including any funding available from the organizing body and other local/regional sponsors
  • details of what kind of support from Eaquals is requested and level of funding required
  • agreement to display the Eaquals logo on the event programmes; use Eaquals slide templates for presentations; display an Eaquals banner where relevant and include a short introduction about Eaquals (information will be provided).

Before the event, Eaquals members who receive funding must agree to assist in the promotion of the event. Following the event, Eaquals members who receive funding will be required to submit to a report outlining the outcomes of the event and any follow-up opportunities.


Members applying for funding must ensure that there are no outstanding membership fees owed.


Apply by 18 December 2023:

Proposals for events should be sent by e-mail to info@eaquals.org and include completed application form as above.


Applications will be blind reviewed and applicants will hear if their application has been successful by mid January 2024.