Meet the Educators selected for the Eaquals Scholarship 2024

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Meet the Educators selected for the

Eaquals Scholarship 2024


We are pleased to introduce the well-deserving recipients of the Eaquals Scholarship 2024! These individuals will be joining us at the Eaquals International Conference in Lisbon from 11th to 13th April 2024. Let’s take a closer look at these accomplished educators, each bringing a wealth of experience, expertise, and passion to the field of language education.


Mehtap Özer Isović:


Mehtap Özer Isović brings extensive experience to her role as an English teacher, accumulating over 16 years in English Language Teaching (ELT). Since 2008, she has been dedicated to instructing English at the English Language School (ELS) within the International University of Sarajevo (IUS). In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Mehtap serves as an educational consultant at the same institution. In this capacity, she guides ELS students in setting their learning goals, devising strategies to achieve them, and monitoring their progress. Mehtap also conducts workshops focused on enhancing the writing skills of ELS students. Her dedication extends to her passion for professional development and fostering education for sustainable development and citizenship.


Ilkem Kayican Dipcin:



Ilkem is an EAP/ESP instructor and trainer with over 15 years of experience in higher education. She currently holds the position of Course Coordinator for the School of Languages, where she contributes to the development of curriculum and teaches a content-based academic skills course in the humanities. Ilkem is well-qualified, holding a Master of Arts in Cultural Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature. She is an ICF Certified Professional Coach and a graduate of the AI Powered Learning Science Bootcamp.

Ilkem’s dedication to excellence is reflected in her achievements, including being honored with EAQUALS’ “Teacher of the Year 2023” Award and two Sabancı University Annual Teaching Awards. In her current role, she serves as a member of the developmental observations team at Sabancı University’s School of Languages, offering valuable insights to elevate teaching practices. Ilkem also plays a pivotal role in creating and delivering workshops focused on digital literacy and AI adoption for faculty audiences.


Vladlena Tcherkachina:



Vladlena Tcherkachina currently holds the position of Director at the Eaquals-accredited School of Foreign Languages at MEF University in Istanbul, Turkey. With a career spanning since 2010, Vladlena has been actively engaged in tertiary education and English language teaching.

Her specific areas of interest encompass Educational Management, Staff Motivation and Well-Being, Implementation of Technology in the Classroom, Flipped Learning, Best Practices in Interactive Classrooms, and ongoing Professional Development trends. In addition to her administrative role, Vladlena is involved in teacher training and has a penchant for organizing highly collaborative Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops. Outside of her professional pursuits, she enjoys language learning and dancing as personal hobbies.



Nursel Çetinkaya:


Nursel Çetinkaya is a committed English teacher with over a decade of experience at Bursa Uludağ University School of Foreign Languages. With a strong enthusiasm for integrating technology into her teaching methods, she consistently explores innovative approaches to education. In her extensive career, Nursel has been involved in testing, curriculum development, and successfully taught both general and academic English lessons across various proficiency levels.

Recognizing the significance of establishing quality standards in teaching, Nursel, appointed as the Assistant Director of her school in July 2023, believes these standards are essential for enhancing the overall learning experience for both teachers and students. She takes pride in her school’s notable achievement of being the first institution in Turkey to receive accreditation for all its language programs, including English, French, and German.


Serpil Öz:



Serpil Öz, a DELTA certified teacher with a Master’s in Education, has accumulated 11 years of experience as an instructor. Over the course of her career, she has taught students from diverse backgrounds in various contexts. Currently holding the roles of instructor and project coordinator at Sabancı University, School of Languages, Serpil focuses her research on teaching speaking skills, project-based learning (PBL), teacher and student motivation, innovative practices in foreign language education, and mindfulness.

Serpil Öz has actively contributed to the educational landscape by presenting papers and seminars at various conferences and institutions across Turkey. Furthermore, for over a year, she has been delivering talks on mindfulness to different institutions, showcasing her commitment to enriching the educational experience.


Join us in congratulating the Eaquals Scholarship 2024 recipients for their their ongoing dedication to advancing excellence in language teaching and learning. Their wealth of expertise, passion and unwavering commitment, are a valuable asset to the field of language education and we look forward to their participation at the Eaquals International Conference #Eaquals2024Lisbon.