Eaquals Member Event Fund: Fedele II Semana del Español

Fedele: II Semana del Español



Eaquals Associate Members, Fedele, recipients of the Eaquals Member Event Fund 2023, successfully organized the II Semana del Español from 13th to 18th November 2023 in Salamanca. The event attracted 231 attendees, including educators, agents, representatives from public and private institutions, federated centers, influencers, and content creators, representing over 29 countries. This diverse gathering facilitated a truly global exchange of ideas and experiences. Additionally, the event boasted a significant online presence, with more than 500 participants engaging remotely, highlighting the extensive reach and accessibility of the event.


The event featured a range of informative and engaging presentations, each aimed at enhancing pedagogical practices and promoting cultural integration in Spanish language education. Distinguished speakers provided valuable perspectives and practical methodologies, contributing to the professional development of educators.

Javier Loiro offered practical approaches for leveraging textual resources in language learning with his session on “Texts Mapped in the Spanish Classroom.” Estefanía Velasco explored the fusion of enjoyment and education in language acquisition in her presentation, “Having Fun while Learning: Exploring Spanish through Play.”

Clara de la Flor shared insights in “Ideas and Practical Tips to Bring Culture into the Classroom,” providing actionable strategies for integrating cultural elements into teaching practices. Gabriel Neila outlined the “5 Methodological Pillars of Active Learning,” emphasizing essential frameworks to enhance engagement and participation.

Mónica Colás delved into the creation of immersive learning environments with her session, “Filling Your Class with Experiences.” Aitor Pisos and Enara Villán demonstrated the effective use of cinema in Spanish language classrooms through a practical session using the film “Barbie.

Agents played a key role in fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange during networking sessions and workshops. Their engagement facilitated vibrant discussions, creating an environment for innovative pedagogical approaches. Additionally, visits to affiliated centers in Salamanca strengthened ties between these centers and the broader educational community.

The II Semana del Español provided a rich learning experience and attendees left with a deeper understanding of enhancing Spanish language education. The event served as a platform for knowledge dissemination and networking, fostering collaborations among stakeholders dedicated to promoting Spanish language and culture worldwide.