New Eaquals Accredited Member: Bilkent University English Language Preparatory Program (ELPP)

New Eaquals Accredited Member:

Bilkent University:

English Language Preparatory Program (ELPP)



The Eaquals family continues to grow, with more institutions recognizing the value of the Eaquals badge of quality. We’re delighted to welcome Bilkent University English Language Preparatory Program (ELPP) as the newest addition to our network.


Situated in Ankara, Turkiye, ELPP offers EGAP courses supporting students in Bilkent University’s faculties. With over 2000 students and 130 international teaching staff, it’s one of the university’s largest academic units.


ELPP embraces a progressive, student-centered approach to education. Aligned with the CEFR, its curriculum empowers students as active contributors to society. Teachers benefit from a structured curriculum, enabling tailored instruction. Learning is interactive and collaborative, promoting engagement and holistic development while online systems facilitate personalized learning, enhance engagement and foster digital literacy skills.


In terms of assessment, ELPP’s dedicated testing unit ensures standardized examinations. Regular assessments track student progress, ensuring advancement to appropriate levels while transparent assessment methods, including self-evaluation and peer review, support student growth.


The Professional Development Model at ELPP is renowned for its comprehensive framework, meticulously crafted to address the evolving needs of instructors. Drawing upon extensive input from instructors themselves, the model undergoes refinement through mixed methods research, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness in facilitating professional growth.


ELPP offers a diverse array of training courses, including the Cambridge English Delta courses, which have been a cornerstone of the program for over 26 years. Additionally, specialized programs such as trainer training and curriculum development cater to the specific requirements of instructors at various points in their professional journey. An in-house English Language Certificate (ELTC) course is specifically designed for instructors new to the profession or to English for Academic Purposes (EAP) contexts. These courses are meticulously developed and delivered by experienced specialist instructors, many of whom hold Cambridge qualifications, ensuring high-quality instruction.


Complementing its training initiatives, ELPP organizes international conferences and joint events with global bodies, showcasing cutting-edge research and best practices in English language teaching. The program also hosts in-house symposiums, providing a platform for instructors to share their research findings and innovative teaching methodologies. Furthermore, ongoing mentorship and peer learning opportunities are integral to the professional development landscape at ELPP, fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement among its instructors.


With a commitment to individualized support and continuous improvement, ELPP maximizes student learning outcomes and fosters a dynamic learning community.


Bilkent University values the accreditation of its faculties and departments in accordance with its vision and mission to attain excellence in all aspects of instruction. The ELPP staff ‘believe in the importance of accreditation as it provides us with the opportunity to collaboratively work with international bodies. This collaboration allows for self-reflection, and improvement in systems and adds value to our program.’



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