Avant: Advancing Language Proficiency with Inclusivity and Innovation

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Avant Assessment:

Advancing Language Proficiency with Inclusivity and Innovation


Eaquals is excited to introduce “Associates in Action,” a campaign highlighting the valuable contributions of our Associate members. We’re starting this initiative by focusing on Avant Assessment. To gain deeper insights into their work, we’ve interviewed Nick Gossett, Higher Education and Language Assessment Specialist, providing a glimpse into Avant Assessment’s endeavours and partnership with Eaquals.


With a commitment spanning over two decades, Avant Assessment has continuously worked to improve language proficiency solutions, supporting educators and learners globally.


Mission: Elevating Language Proficiency

Avant Assessment’s mission is crystal clear: to empower educators and learners worldwide with the tools needed for language proficiency excellence. From primary and secondary schools to universities, businesses, government organizations, and individuals, Avant’s assessments serve an important function in awarding credentials, analyzing testing data, and driving instructional improvements. With a focus on real-world proficiency development, Avant utilizes cutting-edge technologies and human expertise to comprehensively assess over 45 languages. Notably, Avant delivered STAMP (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency), one of the earliest online adaptive language proficiency assessments covering Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking skills.


A Partnership with Purpose: Eaquals Membership

Joining Eaquals as an Associate Member in late 2021 marked a significant milestone for Avant Assessment. Driven by a shared commitment to excellence in language education, this partnership offers invaluable opportunities to connect with language providers and industry partners globally. Through collaboration, Avant gains valuable insights and cultivates partnerships to further its mission of advancing language proficiency on a global scale.


Nick Gossett, representing Avant, attended Eaquals for the first time in Belfast, where he found the leadership and membership to be both knowledgeable and welcoming. These conferences have provided additional opportunities for Avant to connect with like-minded groups from around the world, fostering valuable partnerships and collaborations.


Empowering Educators: Avant’s Unique Offerings

Avant Assessment provides comprehensive solutions for institutions and language programmes, including assessments and professional development programmes. They work closely with language programmes to develop assessments that help make informed decisions based on data. Avant’s assessments pinpoint areas of success and areas needing improvement, allowing for detailed analysis at both macro and micro levels. Learners benefit from personalized feedback and instruction. Avant’s assessments are approved for the Global Seal of Biliteracy, giving learners valuable credentials and providing employers with proof of language proficiency. Additionally, they offer assessments in over 45 languages and provide solutions for younger learners aged 5 and above.


Inclusivity and Innovation: Core Values of Avant Assessment

Avant Assessment’s dedication to inclusivity and innovation extends to its support for heritage and home language communities, as well as collaborations with indigenous and overlooked language groups, such as the deaf community. By providing assessments in over 45 languages, including specialized offerings for younger learners, Avant ensures that every language journey is acknowledged and celebrated. This commitment is exemplified in their work with indigenous communities in Hawaii and Alaska, where assessments were developed for resurgent language communities, including Yup’ik and ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian), catering to learners aged 5 through adult. Furthermore, Avant’s recent collaboration with members of the deaf community in the United States resulted in the development of a test for American Sign Language (ASL). This initiative aims to support ASL programmes at both secondary and post-secondary levels, fostering greater recognition and acceptance of ASL in society. Through these efforts, Avant Assessment strives to validate language proficiency and promote linguistic diversity, contributing to the preservation of cultural identities and the creation of a more inclusive society.


A Glimpse into the Future: Avant’s Upcoming Initiatives

Avant is preparing to introduce its newest offering: a 4-skill English STAMP CEFR test. This adaptive online test is designed to enhance how programmes track student progress, providing a comprehensive view of proficiency levels from pre-A1 through C1. With a dedication to innovation, Avant remains at the forefront of language assessment advancements.


Partnership Perks: Avant’s Support for Eaquals Members

In gratitude to Eaquals members, Avant offers exclusive pricing and tailored support. For inquiries and collaborations, reach out to Nick Gossett (nick.gossett@avantassessment.com), who stands ready to assist in developing impactful assessment programmes.


Embracing Diversity: A Call to Action

“Recognizing the diversity of languages and cultures within our programmes is crucial. Home and heritage languages should be celebrated and valued as assets. Language holds immense power—it can either divide or unite people. As educators, it’s our responsibility to ensure that language serves as a unifying force. Let’s embrace the nuances of language that make us human and celebrate cultural diversity.” – Nick Gossett.