Altissia’s Approach: Innovative Language Learning Solutions

Altissia’s Approach:

Innovative Language Learning Solutions


In our campaign “Associates in Action,” we turn our attention to one of Eaquals’ associate members, Altissia. Altissia International specializes in distance language learning projects using the latest technologies, focusing on people’s needs. Founded by bringing together top experts from education, technology, and training fields, Altissia is committed to excellence in language learning. Situated at one of Europe’s oldest and most respected universities, Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain), Altissia’s teams create personalized language solutions for each learner. This close relationship with academia ensures the quality of Altissia’s pedagogical approach in language learning.

Leading the Way in Language Education


At its core, Altissia promotes global communication and cultural exchange through language learning. Understanding the importance of education in our connected world, Altissia uses technology and innovation to make a difference in language learning. Altissia offers courses in 25 languages, providing full-level instruction in six, including English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Italian. They also offer proficiency tests in all 29 European languages, following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). With teams across Europe, Latin America, North Africa, Canada, Turkey, Indonesia, and Japan, Altissia aims to make language learning accessible to everyone and promote global understanding through practical and innovative solutions in language learning.


Partnerships and Pursuit of Excellence


Altissia became an Eaquals Associate Member in 2020. This decision was motivated by their recognition of Eaquals as a community comprising like-minded entities and individuals deeply committed to delivering high-quality language education and promoting linguistic diversity in language learning. Their motivation for joining was to benefit from Eaquals’ wealth of knowledge, resources, and experience in language education to continually challenge themselves and uphold the highest standards in their language learning solutions. Altissia found Eaquals’ resources particularly beneficial for aligning their courses and training their teachers for live classes in language learning.

Altissia has its origins deeply intertwined with academia, initially conceived to aid university students in Belgium with their language studies. From the outset, the platform boasted four learning languages, underscoring Altissia’s commitment to multilingualism and higher education in language learning. Quality is at the basis of Altissia’s approach, with a strong emphasis on content and user experience in language learning. Rigorous quality assurance protocols ensure that Altissia’s products meet the highest standards in language learning. Altissia collaborates with proficient professionals fluent in their teaching languages to ensure authenticity and excellence in language learning.

With its flexibility, Altissia’s platform is suitable for both self-study and blended learning approaches, catering to the diverse needs of its global clientele in language learning. Higher Education institutions and language schools worldwide rely on Altissia’s platform to complement their educational offerings and support their internationalization efforts in language learning. Altissia collaborates closely with each partnering institution, providing tailored project design, comprehensive training, pedagogical advice, and dedicated account management services in language learning. Through this personalized approach, Altissia empowers institutions to optimize student engagement and achieve their educational objectives effectively in language learning.


Expanding Language Learning Opportunities Worldwide


Altissia has played a significant role in expanding access to language education through major institutional initiatives in Brazil, Belgium, and Japan. These projects provided residents with the opportunity to learn foreign and regional languages online and engage in on-site activities at no cost, promoting language learning.

Furthermore, Altissia served as the primary e-learning provider for Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support from 2014 to 2022, promoting language learning. Erasmus+ is the European Union’s (EU) program for education, training, youth, and sport, offering participants opportunities to study, train, gain work experience, or volunteer abroad. The OLS platform assists Erasmus+ participants in enhancing their language skills before embarking on their overseas studies, thus promoting language learning and diversity.

Over the span of seven years, approximately 4.5 million students benefited from this initiative in language learning. Among them, over 2 million students completed language assessments, while nearly 1 million students enrolled in online language courses, promoting language learning. On average, students progressed by 1 CEFR level during their time abroad in language learning.


Tailored Solutions for Institutions and Educators


Altissia’s objective is not to replace educators with technology, but rather to empower them by providing tools that enhance their impact in language learning. Altissia firmly believes in technology’s role as a complement, not a substitute, for the personal touch of educators in language learning. Notably, many members of Altissia’s pedagogical teams are active educators themselves, highlighting the company’s dedication to supporting and collaborating with teaching professionals in language learning. Their goal is to help each institution find the ideal custom solution for their language training program in language learning. As a gesture of appreciation for Eaquals members, they offer a 5% discount on custom projects in language learning. To learn more about Altissia and explore their offerings, Eaquals members can visit in language learning.


Continuous Innovation and Platform Updates


Altissia consistently rolls out new content and updates to its platform. The company’s website features a blog covering a range of language education topics. Additionally, Altissia offers a blended learning masterclass, accessible through a free video library of webinars on blended learning in foreign language teaching in language learning.


Exploring the Future of Language Education


Numerous institutions and educators may harbor reservations about embracing technology or are hesitant to adopt a learning platform. However, Altissia’s objective is not to replace their role or restrict their autonomy in selecting educational resources. Instead, Altissia is committed to providing support in customizing its tools to suit their unique needs and preferences in language learning. Altissia aims to empower institutions and educators by assisting them in integrating their tools seamlessly into their teaching methods, thereby enhancing their overall effectiveness and satisfaction in language learning.