A closer look at Eaquals’ Newest Trustees: Meet Sarah Aitken

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A closer look at Eaquals’ Newest Trustees:

Meet Sarah Aitken


As you may have heard, Eaquals recently welcomed three new trustees to the board following an election. While you may recognize some familiar faces, we’re taking the opportunity to sit down for an interview to delve a bit deeper and get to know them better. First up, we have Sarah Aitken.


Many of you may already be familiar with Sarah, as she’s worn various hats within Eaquals over the years, bringing a wealth of experience and dedication to her new role.


Who is Sarah Aitken?


As a child, I lived in Germany and this early experience stimulated my fascination with foreign languages and other cultures. I’ve been involved in language and international education throughout my career, first as an EFL teacher in France and Britain, then as an academic manager and principal at a private language school in Oxford. I spent 8 years at Oxford Brookes University where I managed joint degree partnerships with universities in Europe and south-east Asia and oversaw relations with external Preparatory Programmes. I then served as Executive Director of Eaquals from 2013 to 2017. I’ve been an Eaquals inspector for over 20 years and have served on the Accreditation Panel. I’m a ballet-lover, an amateur geologist and in my free time I follow part-time courses at Oxford University.



What inspired your decision to join Eaquals as a trustee?


Having completed my term of service on the Accreditation Panel, I was keen to continue supporting Eaquals in practical ways. I’ve been closely connected with Eaquals for over 25 years and have seen our Association grow and develop from quite small but always ambitious beginnings. My first contact with Eaquals was as the person responsible for preparing our language centre for our first inspection and it was clear from the start that Eaquals’ approach to quality assurance was and still is special. There’s idealism at the heart of the Association which is very attractive and I’ve always loved the opportunity to meet educators from so many different countries and backgrounds. Eaquals brings together professionals who really care about what they do and who are generous in sharing their expertise. I’d like to serve our members and help make sure Eaquals continues to prosper.


What strengths do you feel you bring to this role?


I hope to put to good use all my experience of different sides of Eaquals – as an accredited, voting member, a long-serving inspector and former Director. I am aware of the interests of our members, and have direct experience of day-to-day operations – both of the Association as a whole and the inspection scheme. Having worked in both the private language sector as well as Higher Education fits our membership profile, and I hope I can use (and continue to improve) my foreign language skills.


As we conclude our conversation with Sarah Aitken, it’s evident that her journey is one of dedication, passion, and a deep-rooted commitment to the values of Eaquals. Her diverse experiences within the organization and the field of education make her a valuable addition to our board of trustees. We look forward to Sarah’s continued contributions in shaping the future of Eaquals and supporting our members worldwide. Stay tuned for more interviews as we introduce you to the other remarkable individuals who joined the Eaquals Board of Trustees.