LanguageCert ESOL for Schools

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LanguageCert ESOL for Schools:

Paving the Way to English Proficiency for School-Age Learners



LanguageCert, an Eaquals Associate member, is delighted to introduce LanguageCert ESOL for Schools, a suite of single-level English qualifications designed to engage and motivate school-age students on their journey towards English proficiency and academic success. The Ofqual-regulated qualifications follow the same specifications and CEFR-alignment principles as LanguageCert ESOL, accepted in 90+ countries, but consist of content and support materials aimed at test takers aged 12 to 16.

With a friendly and flexible test experience, students can opt for either paper-based or computer-based tests at their local approved Test Centre. Teachers benefit from a communicative approach and straightforward exam format, allowing them to focus on real-world English teaching.

The Written (Listening, Reading, and Writing) and Spoken (Speaking) tests can be taken separately, each leading to internationally recognised LanguageCert ESOL certificates. They report at A1-B2 levels of the CEFR.

The Written exam offers tailored content suited to learners’ interests and needs, with an optimal exam duration of 2 to 2 ½ hours, depending on the level. Candidates have flexibility in time allocation for Reading and Writing, and grammar and vocabulary are integrated throughout (Listening, Reading and Writing) and are not examined separately. It’s student and teacher-friendly, requiring minimal exam-specific preparation, and there’s no penalty for wrong answers.

The Spoken exam is brief, lasting 6 to 13 minutes depending on level, and the topics and tasks are based on practical experience. It’s conducted individually in a friendly setting with no other candidate. The session is led by an Interlocutor and recorded for marking by an independent Marker, with the option for re-marking.

Plus, there’s a growing range of preparation resources available, including practice papers, lesson plans, and preparation tips. And results turnaround is quick: 5 working days for computer-based exams and 10 working days for paper-based exams.

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