Avallain’s Approach to EdTech for Language Education

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Avallain’s Comprehensive Approach to EdTech for Language Education


In the ever-evolving landscape of language education, technology plays an important role in enhancing teaching methodologies and learning experiences. One company at the forefront of this digital revolution is Eaquals Associate Member, Avallain. With over two decades of experience in the ELT industry, Avallain has established itself as a trusted provider of innovative education technology solutions, helping language educators and institutions worldwide to unlock their full potential.


Advancing EdTech for Language Education


Based in Switzerland, Avallain is an award-winning EdTech provider serving major publishers such as OUP, National Geographic Learning, Pearson, and Macmillan, among others, who are also Eaquals Associate Members. Since its founding in 2002 by edtech visionaries Ursula Suter and Ignatz Heinz, Avallain has remained committed to its mission: to unlock human potential through technology-enhanced education. Their team, spanning five continents and over fourteen nations, embodies a global perspective on educational needs and solutions.


A Commitment to Excellence and Innovation


Avallain joined Eaquals in 2022, aligning with Eaquals’ dedication to promoting excellence in education. This partnership allows Avallain to share its expertise and advanced digital tools with a network of institutions committed to high-quality education. Recognizing the growing sophistication of the digital market, Avallain introduced Avallain Magnet, a configurable, language-teaching-focused Learning Management System (LMS) that offers institutions the flexibility to create bespoke e-learning solutions without the extensive costs and time typically required.

Andy Cowle, continued to say that they “also wish to build relationships with members to research and pilot product releases, gain feedback and new ideas, and share our information and expertise. The industry is evolving faster than ever before and we must learn from each other.”


Comprehensive EdTech Solutions for Language Education


Avallain’s suite of tools, including Avallain Magnet and Avallain Author, provides institutions with a comprehensive digital education solution, enabling them to differentiate themselves. These platforms help create and deliver custom language learning content, catering to diverse needs of students of all ages from young learners to specialized business training and other ESP courses. The addition of Magnet Create allows teachers to develop interactive materials tailored to their students’ needs, enhancing engagement and tracking progress through an intuitive interface.


Partnerships and Achievements


Avallain’s collaboration with organizations like NILE ensures their products are optimized for practical language training. Their work in creating leading ELT platforms, such as Macmillan English Campus and Richmond Learning Platform, underscores their impact on millions of learners globally. The innovative activity types they have developed, including tools for text analysis, speech and dialogue recording, and pronunciation, demonstrate their commitment to improving educational outcomes through technology. Additionally, Avallain is an active participant in the UN Global Compact, has been climate positive since 2023, and contributes to positive social change in sub-Saharan Africa through the Avallain Foundation.


Supporting Eaquals Members


Avallain extends a generous 50% discount on Avallain Magnet user fees to Eaquals members, facilitating access to their state-of-the-art tools. This support is part of Avallain’s broader strategy to enhance language education through accessible, high-quality digital solutions.


Future Initiatives and Advancements in EdTech


Looking ahead, Avallain is poised to introduce several initiatives that will further benefit educators and institutions. These include enhanced accessibility support in compliance with the European Accessibility Act, simplified content creation tools with Magnet Create, and AI-driven content generation capabilities. Their recent acquisition of TeacherMatic, an AI tool for generating teaching materials, exemplifies their ongoing commitment to innovation.


Navigating the Digital Landscape in Language Education


Avallain urges institutions and educators to embrace new technology confidently. With the right tools, educators can unleash their creativity while staying focused on learning outcomes. They advocate for vigilance and open-mindedness towards AI, recognizing its potential to streamline tasks and enhance feedback. However, amidst technological advancements, they emphasize the enduring importance of real human interaction, learner autonomy, and teacher creativity. Avallain’s commitment to simplifying this process ensures a reliable, engaging experience for both educators and learners, empowering them to navigate the digital frontier of language education on their own terms.


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