Meet Serkan Aras: Our New Treasurer

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Meet Serkan Aras:

A Passionate Educator and Our New Treasurer


We are pleased to welcome Serkan Aras to the Eaquals Board of Trustees as our new Treasurer. Serkan’s extensive background and dedication to education make him an invaluable addition to our team. In this article, Serkan provides insights into his background and what motivated him to join Eaquals.


From Family Gatherings to Academic Pursuits


Growing up as the youngest of eight siblings in a lively household, my childhood was filled with big gatherings, delicious meals, and vibrant conversations. These early experiences taught me the value of effective communication and managing diverse personalities, skills that have been essential in my professional life.

At Bilkent University, where I earned my BA and MA in ELT, I immersed myself in the theory and practice of teaching. The feedback I received during my studies was invaluable, helping me refine my teaching methods and grow as an educator.

In the past nine years, I have worked in higher education in Türkiye, teaching EAP courses at Özyeğin University. Alongside teaching, I lead a team of thirty teachers and oversee the operation of seven EAP courses.

My interests also extend to Gender Studies, a focus of my PhD research. Outside of academia, I enjoy experimenting with new recipes, attending film festivals, and spending time with my cat, Cevriye, who has been with me for fourteen years.


A Shared Mission of Excellence


I first learned about Eaquals over a decade ago while working at an Eaquals accredited school. This initial experience showed me the organization’s commitment to excellence in language education.

My involvement deepened during the accreditation process at Özyeğin University and through attending Eaquals conferences. I discovered that my own values and goals as an educator closely matched those of Eaquals. The strong sense of community and support within the Eaquals network inspired me to contribute more actively to this remarkable organization.


Bringing Skills and Expertise to the Role


In taking on the role of Treasurer, I bring with me a diverse set of skills and experiences that I believe will serve in my new role on the Board. My background in language teaching, management, and financial reporting provides a unique perspective that aligns with Eaquals’ mission of promoting excellence in language education.

Additionally, my research and specialization in Gender Studies have equipped me with a deeper understanding of inclusion and diversity, areas that are integral to Eaquals’ commitment to equity and accessibility in education.


We’re thrilled to have Serkan Aras join us as our new Treasurer. With his diverse background and passion for excellence, Serkan embodies the spirit of Eaquals. We can’t wait to see the positive impact he brings as we continue our mission to promote quality language education worldwide. Welcome aboard, Serkan!