Eaquals Inspectorate

Our inspectors come from 14 countries and speak over 15 languages


Eaquals appoints international teams of inspectors to deliver the Eaquals accreditation scheme. Our inspectors are language education professionals with considerable teaching and managerial expertise and who have successfully completed the Eaquals inspector training scheme. They develop and maintain their expertise through regular professional development sessions, led by the Director of Accreditation and members of the Accreditation Panel.

Inspectors are drawn from a wide range of education backgrounds to meet the needs of Eaquals’ cross-border and multi-sector inspection scheme. Our team includes inspectors who have worked in both private and state education, and individuals with extensive experience of courses for young learners, university language departments, adult professionals in the corporate sector and teacher training. Our current team of inspectors comes from 12 countries and speaks over 11 languages.

With such a skilled team of inspectors, the Eaquals scheme is extremely well-placed to provide Accredited Members with valuable insights and advice on future development.