The Inspection Scheme Version 7.2

All activities related to the provision of language learning services must be included in the inspection, as well as all sites where teaching takes place:

  • off-site and in-company courses
  • classes and activities run at branches, annexes or satellite schools which operate as part of the same company or under the same trading name and are not separately accredited by Eaquals
  • teacher training courses that are not separately accredited by international awarding bodies recognised by Eaquals
  • seasonal courses

Inspectors look for evidence that all services provided by the language centre meet the Eaquals Quality Standards and

  • hold meetings with management and academic managers
  • meet focus groups of students and teachers, and where applicable, other stakeholders
  • interview members of staff
  • observe a representative selection of the teaching
  • check that academic management and administrative systems work in practice
  • check key documentation – including material stored online
  • inspect premises and resources and if applicable student residences

The Eaquals Scheme covers 12 main Categories grouped in 5 Sections:

A. Institutional Management and Governance
1. Management and Administration
2. Quality Assurance
3. Communication with Staff
4. Communication with Students and Clients

C. Student Services
9. Student Services

D. Staff
10. Staff Profile and Development
11. Staff Employment Terms

B. Academic Management
5. Course Design and Supporting Systems
6. Teaching and Learning
7. Assessment and Certification
8. Academic Resources

E. Learning Environment and Facilities
12. Learning Environment