Get to Know: Dr. Hanan Khalifa

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“Never be afraid to always try new ways”

Could you tell us something about your early career in the language teaching sector?
I started as a poetry and drama teacher but Canterbury Tales made me realise quickly that I may be better suited for teaching ESL and ESP. As an EFL teacher I worked for British Council Alexandria and as an ESP teacher I worked in various faculties in Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt and did some outreach in North Africa and Levant.

What big changes have you noticed in the language teaching field since you started?
There are many but the ones that are close to my heart are: more and more EFL teachers are becoming qualified, the advent of CEFR and its implications for teaching, and students becoming more aware that there are varieties of English which are acceptable (not just RP).

Why did you choose to get involved with an organisation like Eaquals?
I like what Eaquals stand for and the work accomplished over the years. I got particularly interested and subsequently involved with some of its pioneering work such as electronic European language portfolio, core inventory, inspection committee, teacher training and development framework.

What new development in the field of language teaching interests/excites you the most?
This has to be the 4th Industrial Revolution with the use of artificial intelligence, take Netex learning for example, which made it easier for teachers to create customised materials, personalised homeworkand analytics providing students personal growth via visual representation.

What advice would you give to a new teacher/trainer starting out in the language teaching sector?
Never be afraid to always try new ways, always try and think outside the box.

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