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The Eaquals – ALTE Electronic European Language Portfolio (eELP)

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The Language Portfolio concept was developed to stimulate and support the learning of languages. It helps students to reflect on and improve their language learning, and to demonstrate their knowledge to others. It is based on the levels described in the Common European Framework of Reference.


Guidance on curriculum and syllabus development

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Eaquals members have produced two manuals to assist academic managers who wish to develop a CEFR-orientated curriculum in their language centre. The manuals contain practical advice and case studies that illustrate the experiences of curriculum development at seven very different Eaquals-member institutions.


Introduction to the CEFR with checklists of descriptors

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These materials provide an initial overview and basic orientation to the CEFR. The Checklists of Descriptors are drawn from the language biographies in the 2000 Portfolio and are available here in 13 different languages.