Eaquals Scholarship Scheme 2023



The Eaquals scholarship scheme is to enable Eaquals-accredited institutions disadvantaged by challenging business environments, unfavourable exchange rates and local political issues, to benefit from funding to attend Eaquals conference.   

There will be a total of 5 scholarships offered for attendance at the Eaquals annual international conference.


What is offered by the Eaquals scholarship scheme?

  • Waiver of conference fee
  • €200 as contribution towards travel/accommodation costs
  • Free attendance at informal and formal dinners



  • Applicants must submit an application form.
  • Eligible applications will be rated according to the level of volunteered contribution and a stated commitment to participate at conference with help and guidance provided for this from a designated Eaquals mentor. This may take the form of a presentation, workshop, seminar, participation in any ongoing Eaquals projects, providing a roving reporter role or similar etc.
  • Where an application includes a speaker proposal that is rejected on grounds of programme design, a scholarship may still be awarded with invitation to join and contribute to a specific special interest project or seminar.


Requirements of scholarship

  • Successful scholarship applicants will attend conference dinners and any related social events
  • Successful scholarship applicants will assist with conference promotion if/when required
  • Successful scholarship applicants will submit a personal report on highlights of the conference that can be published on the Eaquals website

Terms and Conditions

  • More than one person may apply from the same institution.
  • Scholarship funding may be shared between members of the same institution, where only one applicant has been successful from that institution.
  • A successful applicant may not be re-awarded the same scholarship for a conference in two consecutive years.



  • Deadline for applications is 27th February 2023
  • Applications to info@eaquals.org with subject line: Eaquals Scholarship