Eaquals Member Event Fund: Regional Balkan ELT Conference

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Eaquals Member Event Fund:

Balkan ELT Conference



On April 27th, 2024, QLS, YALS, Quest Romania, Optima, and Ozyegin University, all Eaquals Associate and Accredited Members, joined forces to host the 1st Regional Balkan ELT Conference titled “Challenges of Today in ELT.” This event, supported by the Eaquals Member Event Fund, was a realization of the vision of the late Mila Angelova. Mila was a cherished Eaquals inspector and a beloved member of our community, known for her passion and dedication to advancing language education. The conference was dedicated to her memory, honouring her legacy by addressing the contemporary challenges in English Language Teaching and fostering collaboration and innovation among educators in the region.

Giorgia Papas, President of QLS, set the tone for the event in Greece with a welcoming introduction, emphasising the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing among language educators. Following her opening remarks, Lou McLaughlin, the Eaquals Executive Director, delved into the organization’s significant contributions to the field. Lou explained how Eaquals ensures quality assurance, accreditation, and offers continuous professional development opportunities in language education. Attendees gained valuable insights into the tangible advantages of active participation in Eaquals’ extensive network, fostering connections and enhancing teaching practices. Lou’s presentation provided a deeper understanding of how educators can leverage Eaquals’ resources to elevate their institutions and advance their professional development journeys.


Following the opening sessions, the speakers delved into a variety of contemporary topics that are reshaping the landscape of English Language Teaching (ELT) today. From exploring the role of Artificial Intelligence in education to discussing the impact of Digital Acceleration, Emotional Intelligence, and Critical Thinking, the discussions were as diverse as they were insightful. Participants also delved into the importance of Place-Based Education, the potential of Augmented Reality, and the integration of values into the EFL Classroom. Moreover, attention was given to fostering Social and Emotional Skills, reflecting the holistic approach to modern education. Throughout these sessions, presenters and participants shared strategies and best practices.


The Balkan ELT conference thrived on collaboration, thanks to partnerships with like-minded

associations. This created an atmosphere conducive to professional growth and shared learning. Participants exchanged ideas and expertise, enhancing their skills while collectively improving language education standard. Moreover, the backing of sponsors such as LanguageCert and Pearson, among others, both of whom are Eaquals Associate Members, played an important role in the conference’s success.

Overall, attendees gained new insights, valuable connections, and practical resources to make positive changes in their educational communities, reigniting their passion for their work.