LanguageCert: CEFR-Aligned Assessments for Global Success

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LanguageCert: CEFR-Aligned Assessments for Global Success


As an Eaquals Associate Member, LanguageCert provides high-quality, internationally recognized, CEFR-aligned English assessments designed for study, work, and migration. Their involvement with Eaquals highlights their dedication to aligning with global standards and enhancing the quality and reliability of language assessments for diverse educational and professional needs.


LanguageCert’s assessments are regulated by Ofqual and approved by the UK Home Office for Secure English Language Tests (SELTs) covering all visa types. As part of the PeopleCert Group, which offers exam and accreditation services globally, LanguageCert benefits from partnerships with multinational organizations and government authorities. Together, they deliver qualifications that enhance the life, education, and career opportunities of individuals worldwide.


Membership and Commitment to Excellence


LanguageCert has been an Eaquals Associate Member since November 2016. By participating in Eaquals activities and engaging with our community, LanguageCert has formed valuable partnerships and gained insights and feedback that enhance the quality and reliability of their assessments.


Comprehensive English Testing Services


LanguageCert delivers one of the most accessible and reliable English testing services, accepted by over 2,000 institutions and organizations worldwide. Tests can be taken online with remote, live proctoring (OLP) or at designated test centers, in both computer and paper-based formats. OLP, the fastest-growing method, is available 24/7/365 in over 200 countries and territories.


LanguageCert’s team comprises industry-recognized professionals with extensive expertise in language assessment and education. The organization is governed by a Board of Directors, an independent Advisory Council, and a Management Team, with Dr. Michael Milanovic serving as Chairman of the Board.


To ensure the highest quality and reliability of its exams, LanguageCert supports their development through a dedicated program of Research and Validation. Exams are monitored through both internal reviews and independent external research. Publications relevant to the validation, reliability, quality, and impact of LanguageCert examinations can be viewed and downloaded from their website.


Recent Research and Validation studies include an external review by Ecctis of LanguageCert Academic and its mapping to the CEFR. Ecctis, the UK National Information Centre for the recognition and evaluation of international qualifications and skills, provides guidance to organizations, including the UK’s visas and immigration authority, on the use of English language assessments.


LanguageCert has also collaborated with CRELLA (Centre for Research on English Language Learning and Assessment at the University of Bedfordshire) on a concordance study comparing LanguageCert Academic and IELTS scores. This project, involving over 1,000 participants and international assessment experts, is one of the largest comparability studies of its kind.


Integration of Language and Professional Certifications


LanguageCert’s CEFR-aligned English assessments, in conjunction with PeopleCert’s Business and IT certifications, offer a unique combination of skills that are widely recognized as essential for advancing study and career goals. This integration of high-demand industry credentials and language testing supports students’ employability and mobility. PeopleCert’s Business and IT certifications, including globally endorsed brands like ITIL® and PRINCE2®, are used by governments and large corporations worldwide. With over 500,000 professionals certified annually in more than 200 countries and territories, these certifications complement LanguageCert’s language assessments, distinguishing them in the field of education and professional development.


Achievements in Language Education


LanguageCert has achieved notable milestones in the language education industry with the launch of LanguageCert Academic. This multilevel English test, developed from the internationally recognized LanguageCert ESOL, is designed to support international admissions to higher education. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate students a reliable and comprehensive way to demonstrate their language proficiency. LanguageCert Academic focuses on language used in academic settings, assessing all four skills through tasks and content relevant to higher education. The inclusion of a live 1-1 interactive speaking test ensures that institutions can trust students’ ability to communicate effectively in an academic environment.


Additionally, LanguageCert supports higher education institutions through global networks, scholarship programs, and free marketing initiatives, aiding in recruitment and internationalization strategies. Combined with PeopleCert’s professional certifications, LanguageCert provides a wide range of solutions to help institutions achieve their goals in growth and diversity.


Support for Eaquals Members


LanguageCert supports Eaquals members by providing exams that align seamlessly with the curricula of most Eaquals language centres. All LanguageCert assessments are developed with a focus on validity and reliability, and they are CEFR-aligned.


LanguageCert Academic, their latest qualification for university admission, has undergone extensive pretesting and trialling to ensure fairness, fitness-for-purpose, and comparability. An independent review by Ecctis confirmed that LanguageCert Academic is a sound assessment of language competence and aligns with the CEFR. This qualification offers a reliable, research-informed approach to assessing English for Academic Purposes, measuring the communicative skills students need to thrive in academic environments across Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Additionally, LanguageCert’s exams are informed by ongoing stakeholder engagement and academic research, ensuring that they address real-world language use.


Eaquals members benefit from our flexible commercial schemes, enabling them to generate additional income by delivering, selling, or referring LanguageCert exams with minimal administrative effort. A local LanguageCert account manager provides support to ensure a smooth process.


Future Plans and Support for Educators


Looking ahead, LanguageCert is committed to advancing online testing practices to better support educators in language education. With over a decade of experience in Online Live Proctoring (OLP), they have developed extensive expertise in this field. While most candidates approach exams with integrity, preventing fraudulent behavior remains a priority.


LanguageCert continually adapts their security measures to uphold fairness in assessments. Their security protocols provide confidence to candidates, educators, and institutions that test results accurately reflect language proficiency. Investment in anti-cheating initiatives is a cornerstone of LanguageCert’s strategy. They monitor and respond to emerging trends in examination fraud, employing live proctors alongside an AI alert system and cutting-edge biometric ID authentication technology. These measures ensure the integrity of test-taker identities, secure exam administration, and the reliability of results.


In the future, LanguageCert aims to further innovate in online testing, maintaining their leadership role to support educators with trustworthy and effective assessment solutions in language education.


Resources for Educators


LanguageCert provide a range of resources including free official practice papers, handbooks, and recommended course books, which aid in exam preparation at every stage. Additionally, they offer complimentary webinars tailored for teachers. These sessions cover exam content, format, effective teaching methods, and insights into assessment, serving as valuable tools for English language professionals looking to enhance their teaching expertise.


LanguageCert’s commitment to quality and innovation in language assessment benefits educators, institutions, and learners alike. Their comprehensive support extends beyond testing to include valuable resources and professional development opportunities. As they continue to innovate and uphold rigorous standards, LanguageCert remains a trusted partner in enhancing language education and broadening opportunities for success in a global context, reflecting the values and standards upheld by Eaquals.