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As part of Eaquals’ European Day of Languages celebrations, members were invited to take a part in live online calls. Student were given the opportunity to ‘meet’ others in different locations, practice their language skills, exchange ideas and share their learning experiences.

In Ireland, we connected students from Future Learning, Cork English College and Bridge Mills Galway Language Centre. Despite some problems with the connection, students at all three centres were given the opportunity to practise their English and their feedback was excellent.

Representing Future Learning were a group of 14-15 year old B1 Level Spanish students. Their teachers helped them prepare for the call, which was with Cork English College’s interactive C1 class and Bridge Mills Galway Language Centre’s Brazilian IELTS students.

‘Our students really enjoyed the experience of interacting with different learners and were delighted to have the chance to talk to older students about their language learning experience. It gave them an idea of where they might be headed in the future.’

Peter Lahiff, Future Learning

The students chatted about life in Ireland, their course, the challenge of exams and the challenge of the Irish weather, which they all agreed was more than made up for by the kindness of Irish people!

Students at Bridge Mills Galway Language Centre also had the opportunity to speak with those studying over in England, when they took part in another call with students at CES (Centre of English Studies) in Leeds.

‘The students loved the idea of chatting to others in other schools studying at the same time as them!’

Patrick Creed, Bridge Mills Galway Language Centre

Students of Russian as a foreign language also took part in a live call when we connected Liden & Denz in St. Petersburg, Russia with Anglia V in Bosnia & Herzegovina. They shared their experience learning languages, tips and tricks to stay motivated, and of course some laughs!

Thank you to members and students who took part in the activity!

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