The e-Grid website

You can explore the e-Grid by following the link below:

The eGrid website

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The e-Grid website has two main sections:

In the interactive section, which is reached through the home page, teachers can assess themselves online and/or be assessed by their managers and mentors. Users can choose a profile (language teacher, teacher trainer or manager) at the bottom of the page. After completing a few personal details, as a teacher you can carry out a self-assessment or update a self-assessment you did previously. As a trainer or manager, you can use the same system to assess or reassess teachers you are supporting or managing. You can choose any of the seven languages at the top right of the screen to work in this area. The data that you create can be saved and/or printed but it will not be kept on the website after you finish.

The second section enables users to look at the EPG descriptors section by section in any of 13 different languages, which are listed above the Grid. You can also download a PDF version of the EPG in all these languages. You can also download the glossary and the User Guide in many of the languages.

The best way to explore the e-Grid website is, of course, to use it.

A Guide to using the e-Grid website is contained in the EPG Booklet and User Guide and can also be reached via the  ?  on the home page of the e-Grid. An extended version of the guide in English is available here.