The European Profiling Grid

The European Profiling Grid, or EPG, is a framework with descriptors spanning six ‘development phases’ in a language teacher’s professional evolution.

The EPG is already available in more than 10 languages and is being used by language teaching institutions in a number of countries to help teachers assess their professional strengths and training needs.

The descriptors cover four key areas:

  • Qualifications, teacher training, and experience
  • Core competencies:
    • methodology – knowledge & skills
    • lesson and course planning
    • interaction with and monitoring of learners
    • assessment
  • ‘Enabling skills’, such as language awareness, intercultural competence and the ability to use digital media.
  • Professionalism

You can find full details of the European Profiling Grid and its practical application or for the electronic version, the e-Grid.

The EPG is a significant contribution to the raising of awareness of language teaching competences and teaching quality, as well as an important aid to teacher development and training. It was the result of an EU-funded project that tested and validated the original Eaquals Profiling Grid.

Practical case studies

Five case studies describing how the EPG has been used in practice were presented at a symposium at the 2016 Eaquals conference.  These examples illustrate the relevance of the EPG in a range of contexts: