The European Profiling Grid

The European Profiling Grid, or EPG, is a framework with descriptors spanning six ‘development phases’ in a language teacher’s professional evolution.

The EPG is available in 13 languages and is being used by schools, universities and language teaching institutions in many countries to help language teachers assess their professional strengths and training needs, and to support people who are managing and supporting teachers.

What does the EPG contain?

The descriptors in the Profiling Grid cover four key areas:

  • Qualifications, teacher training, and experience
  • Core competences:
    • methodology – knowledge & skills
    • lesson and course planning
    • interaction with and monitoring of learners
    • assessment
  • ‘Enabling skills’, such as language awareness, intercultural competence and the ability to use digital media.
  • Professionalism


What is the e-Grid?

The e-Grid website, which contains the EPG descriptors in electronic form, is the best and easiest way to use the EPG. It enables teachers, teacher trainers and managers to carry out assessments online. More details about the e-Grid can be found here


How can the EPG be used?

The EPG and the e-Grid are valuable tools for raising awareness about language teaching competences and teaching quality and are also important aids to teacher training and development.

If you know and use the EPG or e-Grid and wish to introduce it to other potential users or institutions in your context, Eaquals has prepared helpful support in the form of free guidelines and an adaptable questionnaire. Please contact to obtain these.

Eaquals welcomes brief reports from users of the EPG/e-Grid about their experiences and the impact on teachers, student teachers and others involved in their use. Some examples are provided here.

More information about the EPG and e-Grid is available via the following links