Detailed information about the European Profiling Grid and e-Grid

The European Profiling Grid booklet available here contains:

  • The EPG in printed form
  • A comprehensive User Guide
  • The EPG glossary
  • A guide to using the e-Grid

European Profiling Grid booklet

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The User Guide contained in the booklet is separately available in two other languages. These can be downloaded below.


EPG – User Guide

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Full information and guidance on using the EPG and e-Grid are provided in the book Language Teaching Competences, written by Richard Rossner and published by Oxford University Press on behalf of Eaquals. The book also discusses the Eaquals Framework and other resources on language teaching competences.

Additional notes about the European project that developed the EPG are available in English, French, German and Spanish here.

A webinar recorded at the end of the EPG project (2013) can be viewed here.

Practical case studies

Five case studies on how the EPG has been used in practice available here. These examples illustrate the usefulness of the EPG and e-Grid in a range of different contexts.